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Troysperse 98C

Troysperse 98C

TROYSPERSE™ 98C Is A Highly Effective Particle Wetting And Dispersing Additive For The Dispersion And Stabilization Of Solid Particles In Non-aqueous Systems. It Is Extremely Effective For Difficult To Disperse Pigments Such As Carbon Blacks, Phthalocyanines, Organics And Transparent Oxides. 98C Is Effective In High Solids, VOC Compliant, Non-aqueous Coatings For Improving Product Rheology And Color Acceptance.Trichloroethylene Is A Chemical Compound Commonly Used As A Solvent For Degreasing Metal Parts And As A Precursor To Refrigerants. It's Also Used In The Production Of Various Consumer Products. However, It's Important To Handle It With Care As It Can Pose Health Risks If Not Properly Managed Due To Its Toxicity And Potential Environmental Impact. If You Meant Something Else, Could You Please Provide More Context Or Clarify?

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