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Sorbitan Stearate SPAN-60

Sorbitan Stearate SPAN-60

Product Details

Standard Quality:

Appearance: Brownish Yellow Wax Or Beige Flakes

Acid Vale (mgKOH / G): ≤7

Saponification Value (mgKOH / G): 135 ~ 155

Hydroxyl Value (mgKOH / G): 230 ~ 270

Water (%): ≤1.5

Melting Point (° C) 52 ± 3



Sorbitan Monostearate (Span 60) Is A Lipophilic Emulsifier That Is A Fatty Acid Sorbitan Ester, Being A Sorbitol Analog Derived From Monosteraer Glycerostearate. It Is A Nonionic, Oil-dispersible Surface-active Agent. It Is Used As An Improved Gloss In Chocolate Coating; as A Dispensing Aid In Coffee Selection; increase The Volume Of Cakes And Icings; and Often In Combination With Polysorbates. Its Typical Level Ranges From 0.30 To 0.70.

Product Description: Brownish Yellow Wax Or Beige Flakes. Soluble In Hot Ethanol, Benzene, Hot Oil, Slightly Soluble In Summer, Summer Petroleum. It Is Water / Oil Type Emulsifier. HLB Is Valid: 4.7


Package And Storage

Package: 25Kg / Bag. (Net Weight).

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