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silicic acid

Silicic Acid

Horsetail Powder Extract -- Silicic Acid

Product Name: Silicic Acid

Plant Origin: EquistumArvense L.

Active Ingredients: Silicic Acid

Part Of The Plant Used: Whole Herb

Specification: 7%

Test Method: HPLC

Physical Properties: Light Brown Powder


Horsetail Is A Perennial Plant That Is Found In Or Near Watery Areas Such As Marshes, Streams, Or Rivers. Horsetail Grows In Temperate Northern Hemisphere Areas Of , Europe, North America, And . It Flourishes Where It Can Root In Water Or Clay Soil.

Medicinal Property:

  1. Reduce Inflammation In Such Conditions As Kidney Stones, Bladder And , Weak Bladder, Weak Kidney, And .

2) Treat Arthritis And Osteoporosis

3) Act As A Possible Remedy For Senility

4) Used As Wound Healer

5) Good Remedy For Brittle Nails, Bleeding Wounds, Hair Loss

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