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Polypropylene Glycol PPG-3000

Polypropylene Glycol PPG-3000


Color (APHA): ≤40

Hydroxyl Value (mgKOH / G): 35.5-39.5

Molecular Weight: 2900-3100

Acid Value (mgKOH / G): ≤0.05

Water Content (% M / M): ≤0.05

Viscosity (mPa.s / 25 ℃): 300-700

K + Mg / Kg: ≤5

PH: 5.0-7.0



1.High Lubrication, Anti-foam, Heat And Freeze Resistance;

2.Ppg-3000 Is Mainly Used As A Component Of Polyether Combination To Produce Polyurethane Foam;

3.Ppg-3000 Can Be Directly Or After Esterification For The Production Of Plasticizers And Lubricants;


Package And Storage

Package: 1000 Kg / IBC Drum Or 200 Kg / Metal Drum (Net Weight).

Shelf Life: Two Years.

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