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Phenol, Also Known As Carbolic Acid, Is A Chemical Compound With The Formula C6H5OH. It's A White Crystalline Solid With A Characteristic Odor That Resembles That Of Disinfectants. Phenol Is Mildly Acidic And Is Soluble In Water, Alcohol, And Ether. It's Derived From Benzene Through A Process Called Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution.

Phenol Has Numerous Applications Across Various Industries. It's Commonly Used In The Production Of Plastics, Pharmaceuticals, And As A Precursor To Various Chemicals. It's Also Utilized In Disinfectants, Antiseptics, And As A General-purpose Industrial Solvent.

However, It's Important To Handle Phenol With Care As It Can Be Toxic And Irritating To The Skin, Eyes, And Respiratory System In High Concentrations.

Product Description

1.Product Name: Phenol
2.Other Names: Phenol, Pure; Phenol, MB Grade (1.07632); Phenol, Molecular Biology Grade; Phenol Water Saturated Solution,DNase,RNase,Protease Free,stab.; Phenol Liquified 80% W/w In Water; Phenol Detached Crystals; Poly(4-hydroxy)styrene; OXYBENZENE; PHENIC ACID; PHENOL, LIQUEFIED; PHENOL LIQUIFIED; PHENOL REAGENT; PHENOL SATURATED, PH 4.5; PHENOL SINGLE PHASE BUFFER,SATURATED; Hydroxybenzene; DetailsPhenol; Coking Phenol
3.Molecular Formula: C6H6O
4.UN No.: 1671;2312;2821
5.HS No.: 2907111000
6.CAS No.: 108-95-2
7.EINECS No.: 203-632-7
8.Hazard Class: 6.1
9.Purity: 99%
10.Appearance: Transparent Crystalline Solid

Our Phenol Meets Chinese National Standards, As Well As European And American Standards.


Items Standards Result
Superior First-grade Qualified
Appearance Transparent Liquid,no Visible Impurities
Purity,%(m/m) ≥ 99.8 99.5 99 99.9
Acidity(as Acetic Acid)%(m/m)≤ 0.01 - 0.003
Density (20ºC)/(g/cm3) 0.946~0.947 0.0.944~0.948 0.947
Distillation RangeºC(at 0ºC,101.3kpa) 153.0~157.0 152.0~157.0 154.7~156.6
The Temperature Interval Distillate 95ml ºC ≤
1.5 3.0 5.0 1.5
Chromaticity(in Hazen) (Pt-Co) ≤ 15 25 / 15
Moisture, %(m/m) ≤ 0.08 0.15 0.20 0.05

Physical And Chemical Properties
Phenol Is An Organic Compound Appreciably Soluble In Water, With About 84.2 G Dissolving In 1000 ML (0.895 M). Homogeneous Mixtures Of Phenol And Water At Phenol To Water Mass Ratios Of ~2.6 And Higher Are Possible. The Sodium Salt Of Phenol, Sodium Phenoxide, Is Far More Water-soluble. It Is A Combustible Solid (NFPA Rating = 2). When Heated, Phenol Produces Flammable Vapors That Are Explosive At Concentrations Of 3 To 10% In Air. Carbon Dioxide Or Dry Chemical Extinguishers Should Be Used To Fight Phenol Fires.

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