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paddy seeds

Paddy Seeds

Rice Is The Staple Food Of Over Half The World's Population. It Is The Predominant Dietary Energy Source For 17 Countries In Asia And The Pacific, 9 Countries In North And South America And 8 Countries In Africa. Rice Provides 20% Of The World’s Dietary Energy Supply, While Wheat Supplies 19% And Maize (corn) 5%.

A Detailed Analysis Of Nutrient Content Of Rice Suggests That The Nutrition Value Of Rice Varies Based On A Number Of Factors. It Depends On The Strain Of Rice, That Is Between White, Brown, Red, Andblack (or Purple) Varieties Of Rice – Each Prevalent In Different Parts Of The World. It Also Depends On Nutrient Quality Of The Soil Rice Is Grown In, Whether And How The Rice Is Polished Or Processed, The Manner It Is Enriched, And How It Is Prepared Before Consumption.

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