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Original Doubale A4 Copy paper 80 GSM 70 Gram Copy Paper / A4 Copy Paper 75gsm / Double A A4

Original Doubale A4 Copy Paper 80 GSM 70 Gram Copy Paper / A4 Copy Paper 75gsm / Double A A4

Quality:  Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
Whiteness  98%-104%, Natural White
Capability High Speed Copying 100 Ppm, Laser,Capable, Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.
-Thickness:  103-110 Um
Opacity 97%
Surface Roughness BS Ml/min:  100-200
Bending Stiffness MD:  >110 Mn
Bending Stiffness CD: >50 Mn
CIE Whiteness : 148-169
Cobb Test:  27-33 G/m2 27-33


No Jam In Photocopy Machine
No Double Feed
Stay Flat After Copying
Leave No Dust In The Copy-machine
Nice Appearance-white And Clean
Nice Touch-smooth And Bulky
No See Through-print Both Sides
Been Developed For: Photocopy Machines,
Laser Printer, Ink-Jet, Printer, Fax Machine

Features And Benefits:
1. Smooth Paper Surface Makes Sharp Printing And Copying.
2. Two-sided Usage Gives The Paper Sheet High Opacity.
3. Bright Appearance Gives High Print Contrast To The Printing.
4. Sharp Cutting Edges Prolong Performance Of Copying Machine.
5. Anti-curl Quality Reduces Paper Jams In The Copier.
6. Low Dust Content Minimises Copier Running Cost.

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