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Formaldehyde Is A Colorless, Strong-smelling Gas Often Used In Various Industries And Products. It's A Vital Building Block In The Production Of Many Materials, Including Plastics, Adhesives, And Textiles. However, It's Also A Known Human Carcinogen, Meaning It Can Cause Cancer.

Exposure To Formaldehyde Can Occur Through Inhalation, Skin Contact, Or Ingestion. Sources Of Formaldehyde Include Certain Building Materials, Such As Pressed-wood Products, Insulation Materials, And Glues. It's Also Found In Some Household Products Like Certain Cleaners, Cosmetics, And Cigarette Smoke.

Due To Its Potential Health Risks, Regulatory Bodies, Such As The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) And The World Health Organization (WHO), Have Set Limits On Formaldehyde Exposure Levels In Various Settings To Protect Public Health.

In Addition To Its Industrial Uses, Formaldehyde Is Also Utilized In Biological Laboratories As A Tissue Preservative. In This Context, It's Commonly Known As Formalin, Which Is A Solution Of Formaldehyde Dissolved In Water.

Given Its Widespread Use And Potential Health Concerns, Efforts Are Continuously Made To Minimize Formaldehyde Exposure In Both Occupational And Domestic Environments.

Range Of Application

SMF-10 Has Good Compatibility With Different Cements, Gypsum Cementing Materials And Other Additives Such As Defoamers, Thickeners, Retarders, Expansion Agents, Hardening Accelerators, Etc., And Can Give Mortars Quick Plasticization, High Fluidization Effect And Low Air Entrainment.

Recommended Application:

Flowable Mortar For Pouring

Flowable Mortar For Paving

Flowable Mortar For Painting

Fluid Mortar For Pumping

Steam Curing Concrete

Other Dry Mix Mortar Or Concrete

Method Of Use

Package Into Finished Products After Mixing With Other Dry Powder Components Evenly, And Use It After Mixing With The Recommended Amount Of Water On Site.

The Recommended Addition Amount Is 0.3-1.00% Of The Cementitious Material, Which Needs To Be Determined In Advance Based On Raw Materials And Construction Specifications.

Physicochemical Property

Project Indicator
appearance white Powder, Free Flowing
bulk Density 400-700kg/m3
moisture Content ≤5.0%
20% Solution PH Value 20ºC 7.0-8.0
chloride Ion Content ≤ 0.05%
air Content Of Concrete ≤ 3.0%
concrete Water Reduction Rate ≥14%
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