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DMA (Dimethylaniline) Accelerator

DMA (Dimethylaniline) Accelerator

Dimethylaniline (DMA) Is Indeed Used As An Accelerator In Some Chemical Reactions, Particularly In The Context Of Polymerization Reactions. In The Rubber Industry, DMA Is Often Employed As An Accelerator In The Vulcanization Process. Vulcanization Is A Chemical Process That Converts Natural Rubber Or Related Polymers Into More Durable Materials By Cross-linking Polymer Chains.

DMA, When Used As An Accelerator, Helps To Speed Up This Process, Facilitating The Formation Of Cross-links Between Polymer Chains At Lower Temperatures Or Shorter Reaction Times Than Would Be Possible Without The Accelerator. This Acceleration Of The Vulcanization Process Can Lead To Improved Efficiency And Quality In The Production Of Rubber Products.

Additionally, DMA Can Also Serve As A Catalyst In Certain Organic Reactions Due To Its Amine Functional Group, Which Can Participate In Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions. In Such Reactions, DMA May Act As A Lewis Base, Facilitating The Formation Of New Chemical Bonds.

However, It's Worth Noting That The Use Of DMA, Like Any Chemical Additive, Requires Careful Consideration Of Factors Such As Reaction Conditions, Desired Product Properties, And Safety Concerns. Improper Use Or Handling Of DMA Can Pose Risks To Both Human Health And The Environment, So Appropriate Precautions Should Always Be Taken When Working With This Compound.

 Liquid Resin Property


1.Brown And Clear Liquid





Solid Content

4.55±1% Kg/L

Gel Time

5.15-25 Min

6.(55%MEKPO:1.2%,6% Cobalt Octoate :0.4%,100%DMA:0.05%,temperature:25ºC Water Bath)

Storage Period

7.9 Month(below 25ºC)


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