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Adequan 1 R / X Equan 10 Ml Horse Injection

Adequan 1 R / X Equan 10 Ml Horse Injection

Product Description :

Adequan 1.m Is Recommended For The Intramuscular Treatment Of Non-infectious Degenerative And/or Traumatic Joint Dysfunction And Associated Lameness Of The Carpal And Hock Joints In Horses.

Ingredients :

Polsulfated, Glycosaminoglysan (PSGAG)

Side Effect :

Side Effect That May Occur Including Transient Pains At The Side Of The Injection, Transient Diarrhea And Abnormal Bleeding.

Dossage :

Dossage And Administration, The Recommended Close Adequan In Horse Is 500mg. (1 Vials) Once A Week For Five Weeks, Do Not Mix Adequan With Other Drugs Or Solvent.

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