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acacia powder

Acacia Powder

Acacia Is A Kind Of Economic Trees, Flower Fragrance, To Extract Essence, Can Be Refined Oils, Such As Perfume, Cosmetics Raw Materials. Pod, Bark And Root Contains Tannin, Can Make Black Dye, Resin Containing Gum From The Outlet Of The Stem, Available For Medicinal. Acacia Rigidula Is A Rare, Natural Compound That Consists Of Several Different Alkaloids (active Constituents). About 40 Chemical Compounds And Amines Comprise Acacia Rigidula. These Compounds Include Amphetamines, Dopamines, Hordenine, Mescaline, Tyramines, Tryptamines, Nicotines And Amides. These Alkaloids Provide A Source Of Norepinephrine (a Neurotransmitter In Your Brain).

Product Details :

Prodcut Name: Sweet Acacia Extract Powder

Specification: 10% HPLC;10:1,20:1

Appearance: Brown Fine Powder

Mesh Size: 80 Mesh

Used Part: Leaf

Grade: Medical Grade

Brand Name: LS-Herb

Reference Price: $ 10.0USD/KG-$ 1000.0USD/KG

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